ABOUT: Cleveland Boudoir Photographer - Zelda216

I love creating a beautiful photography experience for women who wish to feel pampered and cherished.  I do this thru my camera lens and shoot luxury glamour portraits, lifestyle portraits, weddings and boudoir.  Since I shoot photography for women, I know how important creating beautiful images can be for that important day.  Photography has always provided a creative outlet for me to help see the world and capture that moment in time that truly matters.  I will often do creative sessions that have nothing to do with my specialties. Look out Food Recipe World!  I love being a Cleveland Glamour & Boudoir Photographer and also shoot Glamour & Boudoir in Washington DC DMV, Tampa Bay, Buffalo and Pittsburgh for customized Glamour & Boudoir Photography. 

I remember when I got my boudoir photos done and it was a milestone birthday.  I was over 40 and had the Momma rolls all over the place, but the images came out beautiful.  I trusted the photog and brought my bubbly personality with me to the shoot.


I meet amazing women from all different backgrounds and we have a wonderful time during the photography session.  We enjoy music, refreshments, makeup, conversations, laughter and fun. At the end of the session, I want the women who spend time with me to feel as if they have had the time of their life and that they were treated like a Goddess for the day and spent time with new friends.  I call my boudoir experience the Goddess Empowerment.  


I became very interested in photography at a very young age, but didn't really focus my creative energies into photography until I discovered I did not have a lot of photographic memories of my wonderful Mom & Dad who have passed on.  I now create in the hopes that I am providing generations of memories for friends and families for their loved ones.  


I have a quirky sense of humor, love fashion, make-up and perfume and I love to travel too.  BTW, I have a motto!  When God gives you lemons, make lemon drop martinis! 


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